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Sunday, December 13, 2015

10 Tips to Sell Your House in 30 Days or Less!

We will be going into more depth on many of these tips in later blog articles. But here are my top 10 tips for selling your house quickly...without giving it away! 

1.  Get Clear on your Priorities!
        Is your top priority to sell your house, or is it to make a large profit?  Both may happen, but if they don't, which is more important to you?  Knowing what your #1 priority is determines which road you take, especially if you don't get a full price offer in the first two weeks.

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2.  Scope out the Competition.
       Look on or other real estate websites. (A quick note of caution: Not all real estate websites are created equal! Some have information that is widely inaccurate.)  Do a search for houses comparable to yours -- same area, similar type of neighborhood, equivalent bedrooms and bathrooms. Print out or write down 5-10 houses currently for sale that are very similar to yours. This data is what you and your realtor will use to determine what to price your home.  

3.  Price Your House to Sell!
      Exclude foreclosures.  Those prices are typically so low, no homeowner can compete.  But remember that those houses are usually in way worse condition, and attract a different type of buyer, so don't worry about them being your "competition."  They're not!
       This is where you'll revisit tip #1. What is your top priority? If it's to sell quickly, price your house below the lowest price house on the list you wrote down in step #2.  Remember it's about selling your house and moving on!  If, however, you don't mind keeping your house on the market for weeks or possibly months, you may elect to price your home higher...more in the mid to upper range in comparison to others out there. Discuss this with your realtor to come up with the best starting price. 

4.  Clean, clean, and clean some more!
      Make your house sparkle!  It should be as clean as possible.
      Remember these oft-forgotten places:  stove top burners, fireplace tile surround, window blinds, window draperies, light switch plates, toilet seats, light fixtures.
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5.  Paint.
      All walls and ceilings should be neutral and well-painted.
      Note: "neutral" doesn't just mean beige.  Light yellows, blues, and greens can also work if appropriate.  Avoid strong reds, oranges, or pinks though. 

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6.  Wallpaper
      Remove it.  Especially if it's old and peeling.  Even newer wallpaper borders are a turn-off to many buyers.

7.  Landscaping
      The grass should be neatly cut.
      Prune overgrown plants, bushes, and trees.
      If your current landscaping is sparse, buy some low-priced blooming plants -- whatever's in season when your house is on the market.  They'll add color and interest!
      In autumn, keep leaves raked. 
      In winter, keep snow shoveled. 

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8.  Showings and Open houses
      Open all blinds and window coverings -- Let the light shine in!
      Make sure all light fixtures have good, bright bulbs in them.
      Accept all showings.  Leave the house in an hour if someone wants to see your house!

9.  Front door
      You want yours to stand out, in a good way!  If it's wood, stain it.  If it's painted, paint it a different color than the houses nearest yours.  The same goes for your mailbox and mailbox post -- especially if they are out by the street.  Consider matching the color of your mailbox to the color of your front door for a cohesive look!

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10.  Closets and "stuff"
         Pack up half of your clothes and store them elsewhere.  Your closets should look big and roomy, not over-stuffed and crowded! Along with the clothes, pack up the majority of the little collectibles and "things" sitting around your house.  They may be decorative for you, but for a potential buyer, they're likely to be seen as clutter.  Instead, leave just a few, select pieces out that fit with a neutral design scheme. 
Furniture should not crowd a room.  Remove any unnecessary pieces. Remove all pictures with people!!  This is a big one!  You want buyers to envision the house as theirs... not yours! 

Following these 10 steps will give you a leg up when putting your house on the market. 

Contact me for a free market analysis of your home's potential selling value today! 

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