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Monday, December 14, 2015

Exterior House Colors

Are you in the market for new siding? Or needing to repaint the exterior of your home? Think twice about the color you choose!

YELLOW is a popular house color these days. It is a great backdrop for plants, flowers, and other landscaping. It's also bright and cheery -- great qualities and feelings you'd like to evoke, whether you'll be coming home to that house for some time yet, or looking to sell soon.

If you do choose to go with yellow for the exterior of your home, your next decision will be what accent color(s) to use for things like shutters, the front door, or porch accessories. Browns, grays, and taupes make excellent pairings with yellow! Your home will look sophisticated and eye-catching!

If yellow is really not your color, blues and grays have also repeatedly ranked in the top for exterior home colors. Green is growing in interest as well.

Whatever color you choose, lighter shades will make your home look larger, while darker, deeper tones will make your home look more cozy.

Each person has a different preference when it comes to exterior home colors. Don't assume everyone wants a large home, or at least a large-looking home, and opt for lighter shades. Some people (I'm one of them) actually prefer the smaller, cozier, more "cottage-like" homes. I know my eye is always drawn to the more quaint houses, always in darker color tones, and often surrounded by trees or other foliage.

Regardless of color, when putting your home on the market, it's essential that it looks neat and well-done. No peeling paint here! You're not going to appeal to every buyer no matter what color you choose. But if your house has peeling paint or a damaged exterior (be it siding, brick, or stone), would-be buyers will see that right away and see an expense or a project that they'll have to deal with. That is precisely what you want to avoid in order to sell your house quickly and for top dollar.

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