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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Landscaping Trends

When a potential buyer pulls up to your house, they will obviously see the outside first. And poor, unkempt landscaping may cause them to keep right on driving... even if the inside is immaculate.

In order not to lose a buyer before they even step foot inside, do the following:

  1. Keep grass neatly mowed in the spring and summer.
  2. Keep snow shoveled in the winter.
  3. Keep leaves raked in the fall.
  4. Make sure any flower beds are free of dead plants and at the very least, clean. 
  5. Trim back tree branches growing too close to the house. 
  6. Pull all weeds...and keep pulling them as they come up!
  7. If your budget permits, put down fresh mulch and even plant some brightly colored annuals. 

                                          Image result for front of house that you've done the basics, here are some trends in landscaping that you may want to consider, whether you're thinking of selling your house or not:

  • Edible plants! More and more people are growing their own food. Whether it's as basic as a tomato plant or raspberry vine, or more involved, this could be a unique selling feature of your home. 
  • Opt for flowers that have a pleasant scent, instead of odorless ones. People have strong associations with smells, and the lilac bush next to your front walkway may trigger a fond memory for a potential buyer and sway them to seeing your house as the perfect home for them!
  • With plants, don't assume they're all green so they're all the same. Look for plants with variegated foliage. It will provide an added interest to an otherwise "all green" landscape.
  • Think containers! Plants and flowers aren't the only way to brighten up a landscape. The containers they are in can be a nice added feature to draw the buyer's eye. 
  • Xeriscaping. Have you heard of it? More homeowners these days are favoring landscapes that uses more plants, mulch, and rock, as opposed to just grass. I did this at my previous home and loved it! It meant less grass to mow and was more of a striking visual feature. 
                                            Image result for front of house xeriscape

When you make the decision to put your house on the market, remember to pay some attention to the outside. It's definitely true that curb appeal can make or break a sale! 

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